Our in-house customer services workshop is staffed
with highly trained technicians.

Luigi Verga Orologi avails of an in-house assistance laboratory, authorized by Rolex, with highly qualified technicians trained by Rolex.

All the work carried out on your watch is performed following all the procedures by Mother Company. If components are replaced, they are supplied directly by Rolex to guarantee the original integrity of your watch.

  • Assistenza 01
    Our in-house assistance laboratory.
  • Assistenza 04
    The Grinder machine with abrasive belts and discs of different grits is used for the processing of the caseband of the watches.
    (Photo for demonstration purpose of the preliminary phase of the processing of the caseband of technical watches).
  • Assistenza 03
    Watch cases and bracelets are polished and brushed using the Polishing machine. Polishing is effected with cotton discs, polishing pastes, brushes, spindles and other tools.
  • Assistenza 05
    The steam polishing machine, which generates steam, allows for a quick, effective and in-depth cleaning of the bracelet.
  • Assistenza 02
    The Cyclostock allows to simulate the movement of the wrist, which is functional for monitoring the timekeeping and the power reserve of the watch.

Rolex overhaul

1. Watch identification

Each Rolex model and its movement have a reference and a serial number that identifies them.

2. Technical analysis

After an attentive analysis of the case and bracelet, the movement is checked to determine the work required so that your Rolex respects all the performance requirements defined by Rolex.

3. Dismantling

The bracelet is separated from the case. The same is opened and the movement removed. To finish, the case is dismantled and prepared for the cleaning.

4. Cleaning the caliber

The movement is totally dismantled and overhauled.

5. Replacement of components

The worn elements of the movement are replaced with original Rolex parts.

6. Lubrication and assembly of movement

Each functional component of the caliber is lubricated to ensure the perfect operation of your watch.

7. Calibration

To guarantee best watch precision, our expert technicians adjust it and test its performance over a few days.

8. Refinishing case and bracelet

Following the initial cleaning, they are painstakingly examined and any damaged parts are replaced with original Rolex parts. After the polissage and satin-finish of the middle case, case back, bezel and bracelet, the same are washed in an ultrasound bath.

9. Water resistance

Your Rolex case is rigorously tested to certify that it satisfies the pressure resistance requirements. A three-step process, comprising a vacuum, compression and condensation test, will show up any presence of even the smallest amount of moisture.

10. Final check

The watch is painstakingly checked again to guarantee the maximum qualitative standards.

11. Overhaul warranty

Following a complete overhaul, your Rolex is covered by a two-year warranty. The warranty is not applied to damage or deterioration caused by accidents or improper use of the watch. Any work performed by a third party not authorized by Rolex will void the warranty.

12. Free check a year from purchase

At one year from purchase, Luigi Verga Orologi will control the water resistance and correct functioning of the watch.


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